Case Study

Who are Plaza Beach Club, and why should you read this case study?

Plaza Beach Club Marbella offers its customers the perfect combination of luxury and liveliness with its plush white beds, world class Dj’s and unrivalled events.

With everything from foam parties to it’s sellout weekend events it really is the venue to be seen in this summer.

If you want to understand how a flexible management system can benefit your beach club, you will find all the necessary steps listed below explaining how you can adapt the Custr booking system to automate your business.

Why were Plaza Beach Club looking for a booking system?

Plaza Beach Club were using Microsoft excel spreadsheets to manage their customer bookings. Their previous system stored all customer details in a non-compliant manner. We were approached by Plaza Beach Club to provide a management system for their reservation team to use, which has now replaced any paper-based methods.

The solution.

Step 1: Understanding the requirements

The first step of solving any problem is to understand the exact issue and identify possible solutions. We were presented with the requirements that Plaza Beach Club needed to digitally operate its venue space. This includes:

Step 2: Creating their events

Custr offers 2 types of events to cover all scenarios for your business. Plaza Beach Club wanted the booking system to manage their sunbed bookings, which are classified as an all-day event

All Day Events. If you offer bookable items that are booked for the duration of your venue hours, this will be classed as an all-day event. An example of this would be your sunbeds as customers book a sunbed for the entire day.

Time-Based Events. If you offer bookable items that are booked for a specific time slot, this would be classed as a time-based event. An example of this would be a restaurant booking as customers select an available time slot.


Step 3: Creating their floor plans

We were presented with the Plaza Beach Club floor plan. Custr allows you to upload a floor-plan design & place your bookable items on the layout.

By creating a floor plan on Custr, allows you and your reservation team to visually see all real-time bookings on your layout. If you don’t require a floor plan, you can simply skip this feature and view your bookings in the conventional list-view.


Step 4: Setting up payment

To accept payments from customers for their sunbeds, Custr set up their payment handling with our Stripe integration. This allowed customers to make online bookings via their social media & website. This allowed Plaza Beach to collect pre-payments and therefore accurate forecast their summer season.


Step 5: Creating a test environment to simulate the booking journey

Before the system goes live, we provided Plaza Beach Club with their account details to ensure all details were set up correctly. In addition, we allowed Plaza Beach Club to create sample/test bookings to test the full booking journey to ensure they were satisfied before the system became live & their licence started.

The results using Custr

Increased bookings 63%
No-shows reduced 60%
Walk-in bookings 55%

Custr has transformed the way we manage bookings and reduce no-shows at our beach club. The support is invaluable & we would happily recommend their system to any business.

Jason Templeman Plaza Beach Club

    What is Custr?

    Custr is a booking system that is flexible, accessible, and highly customisable. Some of the most important features include  booking interaction, online bookings, iPhone & iPad compatibility and payment processing.

    For the past five years, Custr has supported businesses around the world. Our aim is to provide all businesses with a simple, flexible and online booking system to digitally handle their bookings, customers, payments & reports.

    We are trusted by over 1500+ businesses, across the UK, Europe and Middle East to support their booking management, post COVID-19.

    You can request a demonstration to see the detailed step by step procedure of how Custr can help you manage your customer bookings.

    Plaza Beach Club

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    What our clients say.

    More than 100,000 customer bookings have been powered by Custr.

    Custr has transformed the way we manage bookings and reduce no-shows at our beach club. The support is invaluable & we would happily recommend their system to any business.

    Jason Templeman Plaza Beach Banus

    The system has helped us to digitally manage bookings. My team are able to view all bookings on their devices. We are really happy with the system and also with the technical support from the IT team.

    Esther Fernandez Estrella Del Mar

    The Custr booking system has been amazing for MediaBase Direct. The interactive floor plans are the best. The functionality within the platform almost felt custom built for our organisation.

    Anil Jain MediaBase Direct

      Next steps

      Our aim is to provide businesses with a simple, intuitive and cloud-based system to digitally manage their bookings and customers.

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