Sunbed Reservation System For Beach Clubs & Resorts.

Custr gives you the simple tools to manage all sunbed reservations, customers, payments and reports.

Custr has supported thousands of businesses around the world.

Our aim is to provide all beach clubs & hotels with a simple management system to digitally manage their sunbed reservations, customers, payments & reports.

We are trusted by over 1,500 businesses, across the UK, Europe and Middle East to support their reservation management.

Mobile & iPad friendly

Custr is available on both iPhone and iPad. The system has been specifically designed to enable you to manage reservations on the move.

Powered by Magenta Data

Custr is powered by the UK’s leading data solutions specialist, Magenta Data. We are trusted by over 1,500 businesses.

We help manage your sunbed reservations.

Custr has transformed the way we manage reservations and reduce no-shows at our beach club. The support is invaluable & we would happily recommend their management system to any business.


Plaza Beach Club, Spain

Create your offerings

Events in Custr are where you group bookable items and extras. For example, you can manage both restaurant and sunbed reservations, using one central system.

All of your items can be booked for a specific time slot. An example of this would be restaurant tables at your beach club.

All of your items will be booked for the entire day. An example of this would be sunbeds as customers will book your sunbeds for the entire duration.

There is no limit to the number of events that can be assigned to a single day. This can be a mixture of both time-based and all-day, If you offer both at your venue.

Group your bookable items on a per event basis. Items are created during the event creation stage.


Event = Pool layout
Items = Sunbeds & Sofas

Extras are additional add-ons for a booking/reservation. For example a drinks package, additional tickets.

Online reservations

Accepting reservations online helps your reservation team save valuable time & capture 24/7 reservations.

Our booking widget always checks the latest availability before allowing customers to book online.

No problem about your booking widget compatibility: it works on all devices.

Include your full company logo & branding on the booking widget.

If you offer multiple events at your resort, customers can book items across multiple events under one reservation.

Example of this is that a customer can book a sunbed (all-day event) & restaurant table (time-based event) under one reservation.

Booking confirmations

Keep your customers informed by sending them automatic reservation confirmations, reminders and cancellation notifications, by email.

After a successful reservation, customers will receive automatic email notifications at each reservation stage with full booking details.

If a booking is awaiting payment, automatically send the booking contact a reminder email. This will reduce no-shows.

Include your logo, terms and conditions on the email notifications.

Notification emails can be customised to suit your needs. Email changes can be edited from your iPhone & iPad.

In every booking confirmation email we include a QR code which can be scanned by Custr for fast and immediate check-in.

Digital floorplan creation

Floorplans in Custr allow you to visualise your reservations, by using our wizard you can easily build your businesses floorplan digitally.

Simply upload a design, and tap where you want to place your items. Don’t use a floorplan? No problem, you can still view reservations via timeline.

Simply upload your resort floorplan & place your bookable items on the layout.

There is no limit to the number of floor plans you can create on Custr.

If you need to add additional items to your floor plan on a per-day basis, simply edit your floor plan in real-time using our day feature.

Every change on Custr is logged on a per user basis. This will give you a clear indication of all admin activity such as editing floor plans, items & events.

Full management tools

View and manage your reservations by timeline or floorplan from your iPad & iPhone devices. Simple yet advanced tools allow you to quickly add, edit or remove online, system-generated & group reservations as well as walk-ins. 

View your reservation on a per-event basis. The Live view gives you & your reservation team a clear indication of today’s reservations.

Each reservation stage is colour-coded in Custr. This allows you to glance at all reservations for your events & their immediate status.

If your resort requires a floorplan, you can view all bookings, visually on your floorplan. This is available on both iPhone and iPad.

Create a walk-in reservation at your resort with a few simple taps.

Move any booking around the floor plan or swap it with another booking when needed.

Reporting dashboard

An interactive data summary page with the most relevant information you may need is available on both iPad & iPhone. All resort reservations and customer data are stored in your customer database for you to utilise at any time.

Keep a monitor of your capacity, per event. This will help you manage your resort capacity to support your COVID-19 policy.

The system provides you a breakdown of the total revenue collected for each event.

Check the list of recent reservation in detail, change their status with one swipe.

Every customer has a status, based if they’re a new or repeat customer.

Customer database

Custr is a managment system and scheduling solution that also equips your business with powerful CRM tools to simplify your customer profiles and management.

Custr automatically adds your customers to your CRM once they’ve made a reservation with you, ensuring you have convenient access to all the information you need.

Other features

Get 50+ features out of the box with Custr’s complete reservation system.

Contactless check-in

In-app chat support

iPhone & iPad enabled

Profile management


Payment handling

Key benefits.

Reduce no-shows

By using a reservation system, you can automatically send email reminders to your customers.

Save admin time​

Capturing online reservations will replace the need for your reservation team to answer phone calls & emails to handle reservations.

Payment collection

Payment can be captured with a reservation system. You can require guests to pay when they book.

What our clients say.

More than 100,000 customer reservations have been powered by Custr.

Custr has transformed the way we manage reservations and reduce no-shows at our beach club. The support is invaluable & we would happily recommend their system to any business.

Jason Templeman Plaza Beach Banus

The system has helped us to digitally manage reservations. My team are able to view all reservations on their devices. We are really happy with the system and also with the technical support from the IT team.

Esther Fernandez Estrella Del Mar

The Custr booking system has been amazing for MediaBase Direct. The interactive floorplans are the best. The functionality within the platform almost felt custom built for our organisation.

Anil Jain MediaBase Direct

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