Should a beach club use a management system

Should a beach club use a reservation system? In this blog post, we outline the key reasons why a beach club should use a management system to handle their sunbed reservations. As a software provider of sunbed management, we have seen the impact of a management system like ours and how it can positively affect […]

Online Booking System For Care Homes

Online booking system for Care Homes Protecting and minimising the risk to the most vulnerable has been, quite correctly, the priority of all care homes during COVID-19. While absolutely the right course of action, it has of course meant that residents had been unable to receive visits from family members and friends. How care homes […]

5 Benefits of Using an Online Booking System

Restaurant Booking System

5 benefits of using an online booking system In this post, we outline the benefits of using an online booking system for your business. If you’re undecided whether or not a digital booking system is worth your investment, the following benefits offered in the article, will help you make your decision easy. As a software […]

Plaza Beach Club – Case Study

Case Study Who are Plaza Beach Club, and why should you read this case study? Plaza Beach Club Marbella offers its customers the perfect combination of luxury and liveliness with its plush white beds, world class Dj’s and unrivalled events. With everything from foam parties to it’s sellout weekend events it really is the venue […]