5 benefits of using an online booking system

In this post, we outline the benefits of using an online booking system for your business. If you’re undecided whether or not a digital booking system is worth your investment, the following benefits offered in the article, will help you make your decision easy.

As a software provider of online bookings, we have seen the impact of a booking system like ours and how it can positively affect a business. The system is called Custr. Custr is a digital booking system that gives you one convenient place to manage your bookings, customers, payments and reports.

1. Your business is always available for bookings.

One of the main benefits of online booking systems is that they allow customers to place their booking at a date & time that is most convenient for them.

Customers are much more likely to make a booking in the evening, as unlike when they are at work, they will have more time to browse the internet at their leisure. Offer your customers an online booking system that is always open for business and you stand the best chance at significantly increasing the number of bookings for your business.

2. An online booking system will reduce no-shows.

Customers who made a financial commitment by creating a pre-paid booking are more likely to show up, resulting in significantly fewer no-shows.

In the event a customer does need to cancel, their booking slot automatically becomes available again so another customer can book it. Booking reminders are also a great way to ensure that your clients will turn up

3. Online booking means faster payments.

An online booking system can require your customers to prepay for business offerings.

Custr allows you to integrate with the world’s leading payment merchant, Stripe. This will allow your business to collect, refund & manage payments, using one complete solution. Collecting payment upfront will increase revenue.

4. You get valuable insight about your business.

By using a digital booking system, you can keep a log of each booking and all the related details. Thus you will have all the information to better understand your customers, their preferences and what items your customers book the most. With this, you will be able to outline the focal areas where you need to grow your business.

5. Reduce your workload.

Digital booking systems reduce workloads for your reservation team and allows you to primarily focus on customer service. Ensure that bookings are synced and availability is updated with each booking processing. A good booking system makes the work process, effortless.

What is Custr?

Custr is a booking system that is flexible, accessible, and highly customisable. Some of the most important features include  booking interaction, online bookings, iPhone & iPad compatibility and payment processing.

For the past five years, Custr has supported businesses around the world. Our aim is to provide all businesses with a simple, flexible and online booking system to digitally handle their bookings, customers, payments & reports.

We are trusted by over 1500+ businesses, across the UK, Europe and Middle East to support their booking management, post COVID-19.

You can request a demonstration to see the detailed step by step procedure of how Custr can help you manage your customer bookings.

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What our clients say.

More than 100,000 customer bookings have been powered by Custr.

Custr has transformed the way we manage bookings and reduce no-shows at our beach club. The support is invaluable & we would happily recommend their system to any business.

Jason Templeman Plaza Beach Banus

The system has helped us to digitally manage bookings. My team are able to view all bookings on their devices. We are really happy with the system and also with the technical support from the IT team.

Esther Fernandez Estrella Del Mar

The Custr booking system has been amazing for MediaBase Direct. The interactive floor plans are the best. The functionality within the platform almost felt custom built for our organisation.

Anil Jain MediaBase Direct

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    Our aim is to provide businesses with a simple, intuitive and cloud-based system to digitally manage their bookings and customers.

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